11 Jan

Amazing Sites You Never Visited

Noor Ul Hameed



Don’t have Iflix or Netflix subscription? Who cares!!! Log on to this site and you will find each and every famous TV series in it! And best of all, ITS FREEEEEE Woahh! Yes! Don’t you worry which TV series you want to watch. Arrow all seasons, Flash All seasons, F.R.I.E.N.D.S all seasons! G.O.T all seasons!

TIP – You may also download any episode you watch!



Tired of typing big articles or messages? Here’s your answer! Google Voice API is the site where you only need to speak and it will type everything itself! I use it to get all my assignments, project proposals or applications done just by reading them orally, it’s incredibly easy to use! Just click on the mic button and when it turns red start speaking! It will get almost 90% of your words accurate! The one it doesn’t gets right you may fix later!

TIP – Try speaking in American accent



This is an amazing website! A true unique concept! Let me explain it to you. You are using your laptop and have your earphones on and you are listening to your favorite songs! Yea I know! Everyone do that! Now leave that, Noisli gives you amazing sounds like Raining, thundering, forest noise, office environment sound and many other which calms you down to max level, if you want rain and a feel of office environment around you at the same time? Then yes click both of them! And you are now enjoying pure sound of raining and office noise! It’s like living in it! There was this one time it was actually raining outside! But I had my earphones on and I was still listening to the noisli raining, and was doing my work!

TIP – Use Noisli while doing assignments or projects, you will feel amazingly relaxed!


Photos.google.com and Contacts.google.com

Android users this is a must read for you! When you buy an android you are required to login to play store using your Gmail account! Well it’s not only for the play store! Google sync all your contacts into your email! Obviously it needs your permission to do it! But FYI Google gets it through many means! Like when you sign into Google from your phone! Or you install any of Google app! Even if you don’t have any Google android app! There are enough Google apps in your phone already for it to sync your info easily! You will find all of your contacts on the link I mentioned above! And now comes the scary part! Your Photos! Yes most android devices has this option enabled which I also personally checked in some of friend cellphones girls especially that Google sync your images too! NO they are not public but any person with your email’s password will be able to access them! It doesn’t happen to every person but be aware what you are giving away! In a way it’s an advantage to have all your data backed up but still why would you want you dummy faces to be on record?  Girls should have a look at their email’s photo’s section! By going into the link above! MAKE SURE your email is logged in!

TIP – Try exploring your Gmail settings, you can turn these off too.



After visiting this Site, my concept about wasting my time on my laptop completely changed! This is a site where you can virtually learn anything at all! It a pool of knowledge, a world of information, a school of skills! I mentioned this in my previous article too here in smash! It is a site where you can get courses for free and for money, perfectly managed in a way that anyone in the world can easily learn it! To give you an idea, I am learning French from Udemy! Courses includes video tutorials, handouts, useful tips and links and you can ask anything from instructor and all of them responds! If you didn’t like any course you bought you can have your money back within 30 days! Most of the courses are free

TIP – Every month they offer to buy any paid course for only 10$ so wait for these offers! Signup for their newsletter too



Everyone try to find graphics online! And often ends up in Google Images! But that’s not the place where you should be! Becz 1st of all! Those images are not yours to use and 2nd there is a better alternative! The Freepik.com this site is richly filled with amazing graphics of any type you wish! And best of all, they are free to use. Just download them remove the dummy text on the graphic and replace it with your text! It has all of them! Banners, brochures, CV’s, Business cards etc.!

TIP – Almost all of the files are downloaded in PSD or AI formats so need Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to edit the graphics!



This site received great appreciation and recognition during the ban of YouTube in Pakistan, one of the reason it is still being used even though YouTube is not ban now! Is that it has a DOWNLOAD button under every Video! Yes, I know that’s cool! Even though most of us has other tricks to download videos from YouTube like chrome extension, software’s or IDM but who doesn’t like a video downloaded in just a single click! Plus and yes am pretty sure! It is faster and lighter than Youtube!

TIP – It also has an android and ios App



This site is really amazing You can prepare your graphics online and present it anywhere you want in a matter of seconds! I actually have been using this site since its very early days! And it has always fascinated me by its verity of graphics ideas! To all the newbies or startups! Do visit this site! It’s great!

TIP – Great for facebook posts, banners, presentations, backgrounds or for slides!



For those of us who makes short video projects or documentaries! This is a great site from where you can download great stock videos for free! They have a lot of verity and all are extremely high definition!

TIP – Use them for intros and outros



Before you buy a cell phone you should know everything about it! Atleast that’s what I think! When I buy a new cell phone first I go to this site to actually know everything about the cellphone! Its processor, Ram, size and every possible info regarding the phone and that’s not even the best part! You may compare any phone with any other phone! For example! Before I bought LG G Flex 2 I went to this site and I compared it with 3 other phones like IPhone 7, LG G 4, and Samsung Galaxy S7 and I actually came to know a lot about my phone that how much better is its performance as compared to other giant in the market! + You get feedback and ratings of mobiles also!

TIP – Try comparing iPhone with Samsung Galaxy 7! You will not believe how much low specs iPhone has!


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