27 May

Album Review

Zayn Malik’s new album is out!

By Fatima Ahmed

ZAYN’s album is out. And it is so catchy. So real. All of the songs are written by him and you could feel what he’s trying to say through his songs.Zayn has sung all his songs in different ways, if you know him from One direction you’ll feel the difference and will definitely love these songs. Plus he’s turned on his sexy side in all these songs. So win win.

P.s. I didn’t get the bonus tracks Blue and Bright. Zaynn #ZAYN #MindOfMine #AlbumReview

Mind of Mine: Album’s name too. Just an intro of about 1 to 2 minutes. Okayish!

PillowTalk: This song came out first early this year and it’s been a hit. It’s so catchy that even my mum loves it.

It’s You: It’s a blissful song… Let’s you breathe and relax. Soft and slow!!

BeFoUr: Definitely in my top favorites of the album. Again so REALISTIC. I get Goosebumps every time I hear it.

She: Super catchy… It’s a song on a girl so who wouldn’t love it. Craziness of a girl. ❤

Drunk: One of the top favorites…Low tempo… Melodious! As he slays the words “Late night, red eyes, Amnesia”.❤

INTERMISSION: Flower or “Phool”: OMG !!!! YAAASSSSSS …. ZAYN JUST SANG AN URDU SONG !!!!!! It lasts only 2 minutes but definitely my favorite 2 minutes❤❤ So beautifully he sings with all those “Harkats” just takes you to another world. This shows he’s staying close to reality. :’)

Rear view: Again an amazing song…. It’s about new love. Can be taken as a friendly song too. Words are kind of basic that’s why it fits in both places. I might be playing it on repeat.

Wrong: This song features Kehlani a 20 year old girl with a beautiful soft voice… Slow tempo but very Indie.

Fool for you: I just love this song. It’s so soothing and realistic. He sings “Cause I’m a fool for youuu and the things you dooo”. The attraction towards your love and your insanity is perfectly displayed.

Borders: Catchy tune, soft voice. It’s slow but really catches your attention. A perfect song you’d play in a long drive. His voice sounds perfect in this song.

Truth: I love the music and style but slows down to much… A nice song, it sounds very deep and close to heart. Zayn should explain this song. Could’ve been better.

Lacodze: I think a type of wine. Lyrics don’t really make sense to me but catchy tune because none of them sound same. Has all the morals in a song.

Tio: Best track on the album. I love it too much. Sounds so good that I could hear it all day. Tio means Take It Off.

Like I would: This song has been released quite a while ago… Catchy track with all the echoes and the music and perfect lyrics. “He don’t know your body, he don’t do you right”.

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