Add The Beat, Teens

Add The Beat, Teens
22 Jun


Ghashia Gehan, Lahore

Being a teenager doesn’t mean that you are supposed to celebrate your fab fourteenth and sweet sixteenth and enlightened eighteenth and get out of the freaking teenage circle.

Add some jazz and beats in your life…!!


Yes. It’s the main rule of living in a better way. Stop hating your life for a single bad memory. Stop pressurizing yourself for a single hard decision. Convince yourself that no one makes your life better, YOU make it. If things do not work out the way you wished, then curare them to hell. LEGIT. You are not living for others, but for yourself. You don’t want to regret having most of your life’s secret happiness bundles undiscovered, do you?

Don’t depress yourself. Convince your mind to accept the fact that life is beautiful. YOU are beautiful.

“No one promised that life would be easy. They just promised that it would be worth it.”


So on one side, you wish for a better life, and on the other, you are locked up in your room while your neighbors play football down in the street. You lock your words while your friends debate.


Without voicing your opinion, without standing against the wrong, without being straightforward, and without determination, you can never achieve recognition. Don’t keep yourself from saying eBay you feel like, just because you fear opposition or laughs. They point badly in your character because they cannot find good in their own. So leave them be. Build your confident-self and, again, CURSE THE NOSE-POKERS TO SOME ANOTHER WORLD, because;

“Those who mind don’t matter, and those you matter don’t mind.”


By this, I mean stuff like music, dress-ups, personal dance routines, sports, book reading, etc.

Honestly, I’m too much into music. It feels to me more like a rescue— AN ESCAPE FROM THIS TRAP. THIS WORLD. It has a way of cheering me up. It is a fact, that listening to music while working is not multi-tasking. Your mind has a special section for managing the musical activity.

(Let me tell you something here; “All We Know” by The Chainsmokers, “Boombox” by Laura Marano, and “Lush Life” by Zara Larsson are GENUINELY LIT. SWEAR.)

Other than that, try out some crazy outfits to feel some change. That Kurta-Tights or Jeans-Top thing is like so old school. All used. Re-invent your look. Try with a different hairstyle, some dark lip shade, maybe.

Remember to keep up a good exercise routine. Walk or Jog. In fact, Walk AND Jog. If nowhere else, then maybe inside your own house. Dancing is a good exercise as well. I am not referring to that THUMKA stuff. Check out “Kyle Hanagami”s Choreography, and Shanice’s tutorials, on YouTube. Perfect exercises with pleasure guaranteed.

And oh, I SWEAR I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THEM. The people who do not like book reading. I mean, seriously?

“A reader lives a thousand lives before dying”.

Read any book of any kind you like. Vocabulary improvement is one thing, it literally takes you to some another world. LEGIT. If you are a Harry Potter fan, prefer the books. I personally love the books more than the movies. If you like to read something outclass, something matchless, read Khaled Hosseini. I have read all his books and I’m LEGIT in love with them. If you are a little laugh-chaser, or a lot laugh-chaser, read Sophie Kinsella’s “Shopaholic” series. V.C. Andrews’ “Flowers In The Attic” and John Grisham’s most books, including “The Testament”, are great as well.


So, that ends the bundle of ideas I had for this topic right now. If you people are able to understand any of these things, do let me know through Smash’s “Your Mail” platform. I will be hoping to contribute more to this Jam-packed magazine. MOVE ON!

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