Achieve Good Grades In Exams

Achieve Good Grades In Exams
27 Dec

By Eisha, Lahore


Students want to achieve good grades, but not all of them do, because they require a lot of hard work. Exams are an essential part of the academic life of a pupil which acts as a trial to show them how well they have studied and how much they know. These tips will work just as well for your tests, as they will for exams!



“Practice makes you perfect”, I hope you’ve all come across this before. The problem is, not many of us pay attention to this, or apply it in our daily lives. Most subjects like Maths, Physics and Chemistry demand frequent observance. So remember to take your notebooks out and practice as much as you can (before the test)!


Day-To-Day Study

One of the most common mistake dull students make is to ignore “Day-to-day” study. I myself do this, and trust me, I regret it every time. The real reason behind the success of the “toppers” in our classes is this simple technique of opening their notebooks and books and revising and studying everyday’s lectures. This is quite a simple task which can save you from a “lot” of burden.


Avail The Morning

According to many experts, school work and learning is best done in the morning. Instead of going for an “all-nighter” for one day before an important exam, why not wake up early every day? This way, you’ll save your energy, and give proper rest to your brain, which you don’t do when you wake up all night. Take advantage of the morning, your learning power is high at this time.



We all study, but most of us just don’t give much attention to it. This is a big cause of failure due to which many students complain that they prepared for their exam/test but still didn’t do well! The best way to concentrate properly on what you are learning is to first take concepts, read every sentence carefully and leave everything that draws your attention. Tell your mind what’s really important for you to focus on!


Get Your Sleep

It is very important that while learning something your mind is fully awake which most students don’t have because they simply didn’t get enough sleep. This is way more dangerous than not preparing for a test, as it not only sidetracks you from your studies but also is very bad for your health. What’s more is that you may also “forget” all that you learnt the other day due to lack of sleep. So to strengthen your concentration you must get enough sleep.



Boost up your learning capacity by energizing yourself with proper food! If the amount of food and what you intake is appropriate you’ll see yourself feeling less stressed out, happier and way more energetic. Take foods which not only are hygienic and healthy but also provide you with all the nutrients you require. For example; drink a glass of milk, eat fruits, eggs, vegetables and meat. Chocolate also helps you beat stress so there you go! Don’t skip any meals.


Take A Break

When people just can’t seem to get something and their minds totally blank out after sometime, it is due to not “taking a break”. In order to let your mind work properly you must take a short break after every twenty five to thirty minutes. Take a short nap or walk around for rest but don’t switch on the TV! So, don’t think of yourself as some machine or computer which can go on and do its work for many hours without any requirement of rest, you’re human, so be it.

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