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WO Publications Pvt. Ownership Company was founded by Riaz Ahmed Mansuri (CEO) in 1972. W.O. publications was initially known as ‘The Cricketer Publications’ when it was established. The companies first Magazine to be published 41 years ago was ‘The Cricketer’, an English Sports monthly magazine. Soon after its launch, it became one of the most popular Sports magazines within South Asia with a very high number of subscribers. The popularity and high readership of ‘The Cricketer’ led Mr. R.A.M to launch an Urdu version of the publication in 1978.

The next aim was to diversify the range of magazines, which was successfully done through the Launch of ‘TV TIMES’ a popular magazine about glitz, glamour and the Commercial entertainment industry. Similar to Cricketer, TVTIMES gained a substantial recognition; consequently, an Urdu Version was established soon after.

With 4 already established magazines on record, W.O. Publications managed to capture a major market share in the Publication industry, creating all the more reason to expand production. This is when the nation-wide circulated, famous fashion magazine ‘Women’s Own’ was launched in 1987. As of today, which is the 26th year of Publication, we can proudly say that Women’s Own has proven to become a ‘Market Giant’ in the media industry and fashion world. After the success of W.O., its sister publication ‘Health and Beauty’ was launched; directed towards Health, Fitness and Beauty, an overall guide dedicated to awareness of both physical and mental well-being.

However, this was not the end Mr. R.A.M had bigger and more ambitious plans when ‘Dasterkhuaan’ hit the newsstands. Dasterkhuaan was a monthly Urdu Food Magazine that managed to circulate into every other household creating a strong female fan following. Looking at the success of an Urdu food magazine, “Good Food” an English publication that focused more on exquisite cuisines was launched.

Finally, the most recent launch was ‘Smash’, a complete magazine for young people. Smash is currently the only children’s magazine in Pakistan, and we believe in taking good care of our young readers.

It’s been a long evolving journey for us so far and with the support of our readers, we will continue to enlighten you. Considering the Volatility of our nation, we feel obligated to create awareness and educate our masses. As pioneers of the Pakistan’s Media Industry, our vision still flourishes.


1) Women’s Own English Monthly
2) Health And Beauty Bi-Monthly
3) Good Food English Bi-Monthly
4) Dasterkhuaan Urdu Monthly
5) Cricketer Urdu Monthly
6) Smash English Monthly



Fashion, Glamour and Lifestyle Magazine
Health, Beauty and Fitness
Healthy food and Exquisite Cuisines
Food and Lifestyle
Children and Teenagers




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