22 Jun

A traveller’s story


Name: Hussain Ul Hameed
City: Gujranwala

My eyes opened to the beautiful sight of my wife, not sleeping beside me but waking me up from my deep sleep. It was Saturday, Weekend. I slept late last night because we were packing and planning our trip to the mountain area. Just the two of us, for the first time.

“Hey, wake up. It’s almost 6 in the morning”. She said. Her pitch black hair was falling down almost touching my face, blocking the sunlight coming in from the window.

“Yeah, I’m waking up, Give me a minute” I said and fell right back to sleep because of two reasons. One: I couldn’t get up because it had only been 4 hours since I slept. Two: because I wanted my wife to wake me up again.

She shook me up again. I opened my eyes to find her again hovering above me but this time her hair was tied back with a hair clip and sunlight was coming straight into my eyes making me close my eyes again. I had to sit up on the bed to keep the sunlight out of my eyes.

She was almost ready now. She’d changed her clothes, which the last time i woke up were a trouser and shirt, But now she was wearing a parrot colored button up shirt and jeans The sunlight falling on her shirt was brightening her existence. She was looking at me, probably hoping for her husband to speak out some compliments but she didn’t know that her husband could not find a single word to describe her. She looked beautiful.

“Breakfast is ready” She finally said.

The next moment, scent of fresh toasts filled my nostrils; i turned my head towards the side table to find fresh toasts and two fried eggs, freshly Cooked.

We took our breakfast together and after that i changed my clothes and wore a blue jeans and a shirt. The day was sunny, maybe Just like a day in ought to be. We packed our luggage and started our trip just five minutes after 7 AM. The plan was to go to a hotel in the mountain area.

First we got out of our town on the main road. While in the city we were stuck in the traffic about three times and every time it was in front of a school or a college.

Our way was the main road. We were to stay on this road until we reach our destination. After about an hour we were out of the city. Now the big city with its big buildings and heavy traffic were replaced by lush green land. A land filled with grass as far as you could see. There were still, occasionally some buildings, probably some government institutes, considering they were so out of the city. We kept going straight on the 4-way road; slowly the occasionally appearing buildings vanished leaving behind only the land. We could see the farms situated far from the main road, Connected to the main road by small, hard soiled streets leading straight towards the farm.

It was about a four hour drive to our destination, which was a hotel situated on the very top of the mountain and when you are there, on the roof of the hotel, you get a 90* view of the whole city below, fully alive. A view to behold.

The greenery slowly started to disappear, replacing it with trees, Big trunked, hooded and dense. Blocking the sunrays and making it feel like it was already afternoon, When the sun was still on our heads, warming everything it came into contact with. The road was small here turning it into an archway, like it was welcoming us to a new world. Unlike the greenery we left behind the trees barely contained and leaf. The trees from both sides were tangled into each other above us, which did strange thing to sunrays, causing almost all of it to lock but the rays that managed to touch the ground made the whole road beautiful, making it fell like it was raining sunshine.

The archway slowly started to end and after about half hour they disappeared taking away the beautiful view with it.

The road turned back into a 4-way road and building started to appear on both sides of the road turning the big chunk of land into a living city. Not as big as the one where we lived. This city felt more like an upgraded town. Most of the buildings were double storied. The biggest buildings we saw was shopping plaza, about 5 stories high with countless banners on its forehead, advertising various brands. The air here was warm and you could smell industry waste and auto mobile smoke in the air.

At the very end of the city there was an overhead bridge and as soon as we passed it, the city ended and then a turn to the left took us on the highway which was big enough for us to not hit brakes.

The rest of the road was a swift ride, first the long motor way than a short ride through the city we were going to see from above that very afternoon. The city was beautifully built between the mountains, on a not-so-flat land. It had big roads and bigger buildings. The whole city was a mixture of tall trees and taller buildings.

It took us only about an hour to cross the city and enter the mountain and on the top of the mountain were our destination and also our dinner waiting for us. After we entered the mountain premises, the road turned into a series of U-turns, taking us only one way and that was up.

The whole mountain was filled with trees, each and every one about twenty to thirty feet high. The air here was fresh. It smelled of grass and wet soil which indicated that it had rained recently because we saw small pebbles of water under the same banner which indicated how far the hotel was.

Soon after we entered the mountain we saw the first banner telling us that the hotel was first, 5 Km away than 4,3,2,1 and finally we reached the hotel after taking U-turn almost every other minute and climbing a mountain where there was nothing except for trees.

We parked our car on the road side near the hotel and walked the rest of the way, which was a bit hard because we’d been sitting for the last 4 hours. We entered through the front gate. After the long drive both of us was hungry so we went straight towards the reception to get our tables. The receptionist directed us toward the nearby stairs which directed us towards the roof of the hotel, the moment we entered the roof fresh air welcomed us and also another receptionist, who showed us to our table. The roof was only for couples so all around us were either newly married couples or dates. We ordered the dinner right away. It arrived after about thirty minutes which were spent in talking. The whole dinner was eaten in complete silence because both of us were famished. It was after the dinner we realized the view we came so far to see was right here in front of us. So we got up and went towards the end of the roof and saw the most beautiful view.

The whole city was literally below us. The mountain we were on was situated just at the end of the city so the whole city was visible from above here. We could see tiny moving thing which were vehicles on the road we were on, about an hour or so ago. All the big buildings seemed so tiny from above here. It felt like we were on a very big Ark which somehow got stuck on the top of the mountain.

“how is it?” i asked my wife while she was looking at the view with a face which made me realize that i did not traveled all the way here to see the view, instead, i traveled all the way here to see my wife see the view while i just look at her and realize that i am the luckiest man alive to have this beautiful and loving wife.
“It’s beautiful” She said and we just stood there, my hand behind her back and her head on my shoulder and just prayed that this moment somehow just freeze here so we could live in it, just like this, for the rest of our lives.

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