A Dream Came True
29 Mar


Elena Tirmizi

She woke up as soon as her alarm went off, it was 7.30. She opened her eyes wide and looked at the other side of the bed and smiled at how charming her husband looked even while he was sleeping and how she had become used to of sleeping in the sounds of him snoring. Untangling the morning threads, she sat down and wore her slippers, wore her fur gown and walked towards the curtains, yawning. As she opened the curtains, the bright rays of sun entered her husband’s eyes and he opened his eyes to see the time. As he did, she gazed into his eyes, and smiled thinking how lucky she was, to be able to look into his beautiful, big, brown eyes, everyday. It was the first Sunday since her husband had started going to his job after their marriage. Now she steadily walked towards the bed, to wake her lovely husband up. She looked fixedly into his attractive eyes and soon was pleasantly interrupted by his croaky, sleepy, but to her, the appealing sweet voice. Her husband had the expressions of confusion on his face, while he looked at her lovingly and said “honey, its Sunday, why are we up at 7.30?” And she looked at his face with a shine in her eyes that gave her away. Her husband knew his wife had a plan. She looked at her, and raised an eyebrow as to ask her what she had been thinking while she gradually placed her arms over him and sat besides him, on the bed, observing his arresting expression. While he was still gazing at her lovingly, admiring her presence and comprehending her plan, she gently pulled him out of the bed and took him out on the terrace, and she rushed quickly to the kitchen to make them both coffees. As she returned, her husband had been waiting for her wife to come to him and looked at her with his sweetest smile. As she handed him the cup of coffee, she reached for his hand, while he moved his arm towards her and tool her into himself. They stood on the terrace, looking incredibly lovely, and holding in their eyes, the admirable love for each other. Hours of their love passed, they had been talking, in the fourth hour of the fulfilment of their brilliant chemistry; they realized they had been talking for quite a long time. Her husband, gently putting her hair behind her ears and putting his hand on her face, asked her, “What’s your plan, my dear wife?” She looked at him and answered in a tremulous voice “what do we like to do best”? “OK then, I’ll be waiting for you in the car” he said. She hurried back to her room, slipped quickly in one of her new dresses, grabbed her coat and her purse, and hurried to accompany her husband in the car. As she sat in the car, her husband lovingly held her hand “You look beautiful” he said. She gave him a shy smile and blushed. They loved long drives. Especially the wife was fond of the long, bonding ventures. They layed their souls naked in front of each other when they conversed. It is said that matches are made in heaven; they looked like a perfect example of one. On the dreamy night of their long drive, they stopped at a place below the cloudy sky and among the trees.  They held each other, her arms around his neck, and his arms around her back. They stared into each other’s eyes. “You’re mine” he said “always and forever” she whispered back. And as they started to lock their lips, it started to rain; they shared a long, perfect kiss with the rain pouring on them. In her mind, was the display of her plans, thoughts and everything she has fantasized about since she was 17? This was it. It was all her life’s happiness, right in that moment. It was something she had wished for, for so long.

It was a dream come true.

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