A curse; isn’t it?

A curse; isn’t it?
29 Mar

Happy birthday to you! May you live long and be happy. Happy? What is this? She was lost in thoughts as she had just turned 32. What actually is happiness? For me happiness is to find a good man, marry him and have my own family. A proud family. But where is that happiness? Why? Why is it so that I have lost the right to be happy the way I want to be. I am beautiful, educated and most of all I have never been into a so called relationship! Then why I am not happy? Why? Tears made her cheeks wet as she tried going sleep with red eyes and a heavy heart.

Baba I want this dress for eid, she said. Her father looked at the price; controlled his powerlessness in a pretty good manner and said, why not beta? I’ll surely get this for you. Her father worked late shifts and did overtime and managed to get her the dress. Her sparkling eyes lit up his whole universe as she received her dress but he didn’t get anything for himself as he just wanted her to be happy at any cost.

Larky valy aa rhy hain. Jaldi sy tayyar ho jao. She was very happy. She wore her best clothes and waited for the moment of decision. ‘Daikhain ji aap ki beti bohat achi hy. Hum tayyar hain shadi krny k lie lekin hamari aik shart hy. Humain jahez main aik gari aur aik plot chahyay hy. Baki aap ki marzi hy. Acha hum chalty hain! Gari aur plot ka band o bast kar k hamain bata dijyay ga.’ Her parents were astonished! What? A car and a plot? Is this the price of our daughter? A car and a plot or otherwise she won’t get married! They were heartbroken and were left with no hope. She was also broke. Into a million pieces. With no hope of happiness.

This is not the story of one girl. This is the story of every second family. Countless girls are sitting in their homes waiting for some miracle to happen so that they may get married. Why is it so that we; so easily, ruin a girl’s life just for things worth a few million! A happy life is worth more than all the wealth in this world!Why can’t we just understand this simple phenomena?

Maa baap apni bachi ko paida krty hain! Usay palty hain. Khiltay hain, pilaty hain, parhaty hain, likhaty hain, us ki har khwahish poori krty hain! Is ka hisaab kon de ga? Ye kam hy kia k vo aap ko apny jigar ka tukra utar kr de rhy hain? Sari zindagi jise apni nazron k samny sy hatny nae dety usy aap k hawaly kr dety hain! Ye kam hy kia? Ye kam hy kia k vo apni jaan sy piyari aulad aap ko de rhy hain! Why have we become so selfish and emotionless retards that we turn down a marriage just for the sake of good dowry?

Islam; the religion that we follow does not allow us to burden someone more than one’s capacity! Even the creator doesn’t do so then who are we to demand dowry from someone and burden them! Put aside all the rubbish traditions of the society and act in a mature way! Don’t stop marriages just because of the fear of ‘rizk’. It is Allah who provides rizk to his servants and not the jobs and the degrees. It is Allah who provides you with anything you want and not the dowry that you demand. It is the creator who is responsible for providing you with things and not the creation!

The main problem of the society is that we have made marriages more difficult than ever which is causing us great deal. The ratio of illegal relationships is higher than ever. For God’s sake! Make marriages easy and fornication difficult. Stop delaying marriages! And stop asking for dowry! You will get what is allotted to you! Give your daughters their due share in inheritance and STOP giving them dowry! And guys! Stop dreaming about getting a car or a flat in dowry! If you really are a man; you will get all this on your own! Be a man! A real proud man! A man who doesn’t play with the dignity of others! A man who has a huge self respect. Stop searching for a woman who will provide you with the things you want! Have self respect and dignity! Marry a girl and provide her with all the things instead of demanding it from her parents! Work hard and show your worth! Don’t be a beggar! Be a man of guts! Be a man of honor!

Say NO to Dowry and a big YES to the due share in inheritance for the girls.            

      Have honor! Have dignity! Have courage and live like a real man!

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